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Wedding advice is everywhere these days, and bit of advice that we're partial to is for you to get to know your wedding photographer - and for us to get to know you!

We'd love to sit down over a cup of coffee or tea to chat about what you envision for your wedding day. We take this time to answer any questions you have and go over any details you want. But just in case you're wrapped up in planning, here's a little FAQ list that may help answer any questions you've got!

Wedding FAQs

Engagement FAQs

How many weddings have you shot?

Combined we have shot more than 190 weddings... and counting!

What is your photography style?

Natural lighting, bright and airy, nothing too stylized or staged, fresh and classic. Check out our Wedding Photos if you haven't already to see our latest work.

Will I get two Photographers for my wedding?

Your engagement photography is with one Belle unless you opt for two. 

When choosing your wedding photography coverage we highly recommend you have us both there for at least the first 2/3 of the wedding day. Once the reception and dancing times come around you are safe to opt to have just one photographer. The beauty is that the power is in your hands to choose exactly what you want and how you want it using our Client Contract Form.

Do you charge for prints?

All of our packages include a print release for all of our photos which is made out to you and your fiance/spouse. What this means that is that you will have the freedom to download and print photos without the watermark. You will also have an online album to share with family and friends which has an easy "purchase" option for any prints they would like.

How many images can I expect to see from my wedding?

We typically shoot about 3,000 photos per wedding which we whittle down to about 500 amazing ones when all is said and done. There are several reasons why you would not see all 3,000. Bear in mind that we will take several photos in a row when getting that perfect split-second when you kiss as a married couple for the first time, or that flash of a smile you give your guests when you reach the top of the aisle. Every second counts!

How long will it take to get my photos after the wedding?

It really depends on how long your wedding was and how many photos we took. On average for a 7-hr wedding we will take a few weeks to go one-by-one through the thousands of pictures we took to pick the best ones. Then we edit each one,  go back through to fine-tune them, and then aim to have them to you by the one-month mark. If you want a couple "key pictures" before then just let us know and we'll be happy to send some to you!

Do you shoot in JPEG, Small RAW, or Large RAW?

We shoot in large RAW! You never know which photo will be the one you want to blow up nice and big and put on a canvas!

What should we wear for our engagement pictures?

We love casual, laid back clothes because lets face it - you won't be dressed that way for your wedding! So it's really nice to have a good contrast. We suggest to avoid wearing busy print patterns (classic stripes, polka dots and plaids are pretty though!), but ultimately it depends on the location and time of year. Check out our Pinterest page for suggested engagement picture outfits.

What do most couples use their engagement photos for?

The uses for your engagement pictures is endless, don't forget - these are going to be your "casual" pictures so they're really versatile! You can send engagement announcements, save the dates, use them on your stationary, post them online, send them as gifts, order canvases and prints for decorating you name it!

A newer trend we've seen that adds a sweet personal touch for your guests and/or individuals who have really helped make your wedding a success is to order custom thank you cards using your pictures. You can hold up a "Thank You" sign or banner and then use that as the front!

Wedding Guests also love it when the couple makes a guest album from their engagement pictures so that they can sign around the photos. This way you will instantly have a coffee-table book filled with best wishes and pictures of you two!

Where should we take our engagement pictures at?

Do you have a place that's memorable to both of you? What about where he proposed?

What about where you first met?

If you're looking for great outdoor locations we know of some treasures and we guard them closely so that your pictures don't "look like everyone else's." We can do them in a field of tall grass, on a dock, in the woods (think tall timbers), at the beach, in a horse stable, downtown, in a sleepy-ol town, you name it!

Can we bring our children or fur-baby?

We ask that you limit "special guests" to one. Otherwise it really is a family shoot and not an engagement shoot. Also consider that for our fur-legged friends it may require us to bring an assistant to keep them on a leash at times when we're photographing a few pictures of just you two without them (we've tried doing it one handed before, it can be more challenging than it looks)! So just be sure to contact us in advance if this is what you would like to do.

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